Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sam's Story

Here is a story Sam wrote the other day. It has a definite reference to our San Diego trip last summer. This is exactly as he dictated it to Jeremy. He typed up the first few lines and then got frustrated so I finished it for him. I kept his typing because it was just too cute. Enjoy...

My Day For Moving

Once Upon a Tme There Was a Family in Anothatr Mmth Thaty Are Going To moue / Ohen They Were So So Happy They were So Happy Eeny Day, because they were moving in another month. They were going in a different stat and then their mom and dad knew that state, and that state was California. They say they love California, and then they loved it because they were going to live in a hotel room.
Then they wanted their hotel room to be by the beach. So, they can go there to the beach. They will want to play there when their mom says, and they just ran out with their shoes on and go to the beach.
When their mom says no, they will just stay inside. They thought about it every day. Everyone in their family thought about it and then in the dark they thought about it. That's why tomorrow they were so so so excited to go. Then they went to California to have some fun.

The End.

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Kara said...

I love it, I love it, I love it! That story is so stinkin cute!