Sunday, March 8, 2009

Valley of Fire (in the winter)

Our ward had a ward campout recently at the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. The name really defines this area during the summer. It gets temperatures in the 130's, but during the winter, it gets really cold. Cold enough to light a fire and roast some marshmallows while being bundled up. It has some REALLY cool hiking spots. Sam was in awe at how much fun hikin he could do, he was even doing a little rock jumping with some friends. We have a great ward, and even though we couldn't stay overnight due to some prior commitments, we had a fun time while we were there.

Here are Rachel and Troy watching the fire

Jeremy and Troy had fun watching this bonfire rage.

Nothing like singing around the campfire: Shaunie and Rachel with a few good Brasilians.

Samuel and Leah enjoying their view from the rock ledge. Fun times!!


Stephanie said...

Fun times! You have the cutest family! I think it's time for you guys to move to Utah...So what do you think? It's time, right?

Michelle Campbell said...

I love those pics! What fun! It makes me want to go out there for the day and play before it gets up to 130 (coming soon). haha. We should plan a family picnic out there (or at Redstone)

jessenpetty said...

Ditto to Moo's idea! I was thinking the same thing. We should do a big family outing over there before it's too hot! I don't know how we could because of work schedules but maybe we could work something out.