Friday, September 19, 2008

Leah's First day of Preschool

Here she is! She had a great first day of preschool. She goes to preschool up at our rec center and she feels very big doing so. She takes all of this very seriously. On the first day she was a little shy so my friend's daughter, Kenzie, took her hand and they both walked over to their seats. Here they are sitting together. These girls actually have known each other for a while, they just didn't know it. We used to be in the same ward, but have since both moved out of that ward. It has been fun to hang out with them again. We even went to McD's. I told Leah it was in celebration of her first day of school. She loves it so far and continues to tell me stories about what happens at school. I'm not sure they are all true, but at least it is a great place for her imagination to draw from.

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Me and my Two said...

freakin cute shirt Leah has on. Where did you get it? Shes so cute. and little troy boy looks so cute too! happy hair cut day buddy!