Monday, September 8, 2008


Ok, I usually don't like to write about myself. It just makes me feel weird, but there is something that has been on my mind a bit lately. It is more a question. When you feel like someone who should know you pretty well totally has you all misunderstood, what do you do? Does that make sense? Sometimes I feel like some pretty major people in my life have me figured out all wrong and I don't know what to do about it. I have heard someone say that "It is not who I think I am, or who you think I am, it is who I think you think I am that matters most." Think about that one for a while. You may have to repeat it a couple times, I did. How do you change someone's view of you? Is that even possible? Should I even worry about it? Just asking.


Stephanie said...

This is a very good question and I wish I had the answer but I don't. If it means anything to you my view of you is wonderful! I think that you are wonderful and I hope that you think that I think you are wonderful! Because you are! I know that you didn't post this post so that people would tell you how wonderful you are but I don't think that it hurts anything to tell you that you are. You do a good job at everything you do. You are a good mom, wife, teacher, decorator, home improvement project girl, home-based business girl, cook, weeding refreshments maker, peacemaker, penny saver, sister in law, cousin and friend. I'm pretty sure you are a good daughter too! Not to mention a fabulous singer, a rock solid girl with a strong testimony and a great missionary too! I'm not sure that there is anything that you can't do if you want to. So now that I really think about it, I do have an answer for you. My answer is... You shouldn't worry about weather you are misunderstood or not. You are fabulous and if someone misunderstands that then that's their problem. Their lose so to speak. You can't go changing who you are so that someone think of you the way you want them to think of you. You are who you are! If you're misunderstood then they just don't really know you as well as you thought they did. that's my thought on that. I'll just take a bow and get off my soapbox now. Love you girl!

Michelle Campbell said...

Some people might say not to worry about it. I wish I was better at not worrying about what people thought of me... but I do.. and sometimes I think it's ok to worry a little about it. It helps me to watch what I say sometimes or to stop and listen better, and be more patient with others and their opinions. I think if we didn't care what people thought of us we'd all just do whatever we wanted without thinking of others feelings or our own self-image and a lot of people could get their feelings hurt (including ourselves). I think as members of the church and what we are supposed to represent we need to be concerned a little about how we come across to others. Now, after saying that, we do need to put our blinders on to some things, because all people, including myself, have said things in the heat of the moment that shouldn't have been said. In that respect, I say, shake it off and keep moving forward. I think you can change the way people think of you if it's misjudged, by just staying around them and letting them get to know you even better. :) Some people might only be around you in certain circumstances and haven't seen you in others and that's why the opinion might be made... even if it's a wrong one. Just because we all have different opinions that doesn't mean we can't like eachother and be friends. And when you can't change someones opinion of you, that's when you just say "oh well" and move on. :) ok, that was a lot of blabbering! haha. So sorry. :) Luv ya tons (and I mean that!) haha.

amersrae said...

Honesty and communication are so important in any relationship; whether it be someone at work, church or a family member. Nobody wants to offend another person, but it happens, and we can learn from our mistakes. If you offended someone, hopefully they care enough about you to bring it to your attention, and work it out. If they do not say anything, and you are concerned that there might be hard feelings, ask that person specifically. You could find out that it is all in your head, you could find out the truth, or maybe nothing at all. You are blessed to be able to be direct in your communication. It is actually a blessing and a curse; I know, I am the same way.:) If you try to resolve things, and it fails, you will know you did everything you could. If you try it and are successful, then good for you. I will keep my fingers crossed that you can find peace with this. Life is too short!!!!

Tara said...

Hi there - it seems to me that in the MTC, if we ever had a question about what each other were thinking or doing - we would just talk about with each other. With our Yorks and Diet Coke - we could talk, cry about anything and then we would be fine. I can't let things go and at times I will pray to know what to do. Usually it comes that I need to serve that person that I am wondering/worried about.

But - you always need to do what is best for you and your family.. if this person(s)- doesn't like that.. then it is their problem and their lose to not know the real you.

You are great with words and so way spiritual.. I know you will know what to do. You always knew what I needed.

Love you